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Do you have trouble with...?

stopping smoking? call  me
emotional eating?   call me
emotional need for healing? call me
physical need for healing ? call me, if I need refer you to a doctor , I can work with
him on certain aspects of your healing process.
public speaking ? call me
habits that bother you? call me.
relationships? call me
improvements? call me
spiritual development you seek? call me
control of pain? call me
nasty habits? call me
living in a healthy state of mind?

What is Hypnosis?

What is hypnosis?
It is an altered state of consciousness in which the critical part of the brain is relaxed
so that healthy suggestions may be given to the subconscious mind which is the part of the
mind that causes us to take actions and directs our decisions.
It is reprogramming of our mind. Renewing our spirit. Voluntarily seeking to make change.
It is being the most fully aware that we are capable of.
It is entertaining positive images and messages.
It is total relaxation of the mind from cares and worries and of the body.

Why should you choose Christain Counsultation

If you are a Christian, Christian counsultation  is a must!
How can you grow in your Christian life without your relationship or personal growth involvingChrist.?
Any secular techniques you use are only superficial to the change Christ can make in your life.
And Christian counsel at Inner-Life Christian Counsultation includes prayer, communion and scripture as resources for healing.
It includes calling upon Christ to heal earlier painful experiences and irradicate

What is Counseling according to Life Shops

WHAT IS COUNSELING?  Is a kind of help that some clinics offer: Life Shops describes as this:
There are many myths about what Counseling entails. Most of them are rooted in some outdated ideasabout psychology and psychotherapy. Unfortunately, images of old menin beards, clients
on couchesand patients in asylums still define what counseling is formany individuals who might
benefit form what counseling offers today.
Often people dismiss counseling as:

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Go to my sermons website below:
Do you have trouble with...?
What is Hypnosis?
Why should you choose Christain Counsultation
What is Counseling according to Life Shops


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