Company Message - Be Healed!
Christian Counseling and Hypnosis
 Relaxation and Inner Healing
Relaxation techniques can be used to help one overcome 
problems and to become extra aware and receptive while
the process of Inner Healing is taking place.
It can aid in  hurtful experiences one has had
or does have, which they would like Jesus to help them heal.
Christian Inner Healing of hurtful occurrences
Acquaduct Conference Center
Christian counsel
Presence of Christ
in difficult times in life
Certified Hypnotist and Hypnotherapist
National Guild of Hypnotists
Hypnosis for secular needs:
Hypnosis for Christian needs:
Healthy Visualizations to heal various issues
Inner-Life Clinical Counsel and Hypnosis

Reprograming the subconscious
 Healthy Visualizations
in regard to issues like: 
Quit Smoking
Weight Loss
Stress Management
Pain Management
Helping with dealing with Cancer
Relationship Problems
Spiritual Development
Anger management
Past life regression
numerous issues you wish to accomplish or change
just some of are:
fear of flying
fear of public speaking
any fear
improvements in any area
attracting wealth and maintaining health
hair pulling
face picking and other habits
past hurtful memories
forgetting /remembering
study habits
relationships enhancement
improving understanding and relating to children
help in dealing with cancer
pain control
improving self image and self control
handling anger and stress
achieving goals
reprogramming negative attitudes
changing behavior patterns of any kind
ridding self of any unwanted habits
work habits
finding lost objects
sleep improvement
developing healthy attitudes
maintaining healthy behaviors
anger control
What you can expect when you come for hypnosis:
Hypnosis is focused attention on an area in which you wish change or improvement

Your first hypnosis session. independent or combined with counseling, will be about
50 minutes
This includes an interview to determine what issue you wish help with and as well,
I will answer all questions you have about what hypnosis is, and isn't.
The first nearly half hour of discussion hypnosis is free consultation without any cost, if  you choose not to proceed after the free initial consultation.    
Whatever you decide: if hypnosis isn't for you, you do not have to continue.
 If you would like to continue, you will be asked  to pay the hourly suggested package minimum, or individual session minimum in cash or check at the end of the session.
I do not bill, nor do I take credit cards.
After the initial interview, we will proceed with the hypnosis session of 20 to 30 minutes

You can expect a comfortable, relaxing and pleasant experience.
All hypnosis is self hypnosis; the more you practice, the more quickly and deeply you go into it.

Subsequent sessions are one hour APPROXIMATELY a 50 minute clinical hour.
Price for hypnosis is 125 an hr. check or cash only.
60 dollars for children with a 30 minute session.

Individual Counseling regular sessions, are $80 cash range depending  on issues and whether it is a couple or individual
There is free initial consultation for counseling.
 Couples are usually $100 and individuals are $80 dollars
                                          Payment is in cash or check only.

                    Sessions not canceled  24 hours in advance will charged for--    .                                       no matter for what reason .

                                      Regarding Cancellations.

     If you are sick or have a death in the family, you may call me to discuss it.

If your car breaks down, you need to call me immediately at the site, to let me know
You may not come in after a missed session and say my car broke down last time..
You must communicate any issues preventing attendance, beforehand.
If in the middle of an accident, or breakdown, find a phone

                     Please do not use email or texting regarding appointments:
                     Do not leave a voice mail message regarding appointments.

You man not cancel through email or text but only personally with
me by phone, with agreed upon good reason.
call 7PM to 9PM to discuss it; if you can reach me, please 24 hrs in advance.

Weight Loss and Smoking Cessation
are 3 sessions a week apart, with
 a follow up session after 3 or 4 weeks
If needed, further sessions can be purchased.
Client Privacy is utmost.
you will receive and sign a CLIENT BILL OF RIGHTS
unless not sharing it would result in harm to you or someone else
I completed my training
from Mary Posch
a certified hypnosis instructor of the NGH
The course was designed by Healthy Visions
You may need to bring me a referral from your doctor for medical issues
Most issues do not require referral.
Hourly Rate : 125 adults  60 children

Hypnosis $125 adults, payable in check or cash at the end of the session.
I do not bill or take credit cards

the package price is due at the beginning of initiating a package.
Packages duration and pricing:
$450 suggested minimum for a package per person
3 sessions and a follow up.
3 sessions and a follow up.
$450 suggested minimum for a package per person
Package price is required up front before the first session.

Any session not canceled 24 hours in advance, will be charged. 
You must reach me personally, and not leave a voicemail for cancelation.

(a sudden emergency will be considered on an individual basis such as sudden illness or unpreventable circumstance, preventing your attendance)

you need to call while at site of preventing circumstance of to discuss it on the
day of appointment or arrange in advance to be absent.

Not being able to get off of work is not acceptable, for you must negotiate that in advance of making appointment.

If you are late, the lateness comes off your session time.

I can help you  with ordinary problems of daily living.
such as:
stop smoking
lose weight
dealing with cancer
option to anesthesia in childbirth and surgery
test taking
pain control
finding lost objects
sports improvement
remembering better
giving speeches/public speaking
getting through tough relationships; situations
improving leadership
dealing with the boss
asserting yourself
forgiving yourself
forgiving others
attracting wealth, peace, control, positive in life
spiritual improvement
improving memory recall
getting calmer
changing habits
dealing with difficult children's behavior
academic improvement
improving relationships
achieving spiritual goals
hair pulling
bed wetting
sleep problems
healing of memories
stop drinking habits
(alcoholism, or smoking cessation or weight loss, may require medical and other interventions as well.)

whatever your goal or issue might be:
Insurance dose not cover hypnosis unless your referring doctor files for you, or it is incorporated in regular therapy by a person licensed to take insurance. You can expect that this is something you will pay for
Sign up on last page, for next group availability
leave you name and number: $80 per session, weekly
Using basic concepts  of
Parent, Adult and Child Transactions
 Group gives clients a chance to practice the tools they learn in individual
sessions in a real life situation of the moment.
It calls upon clients to identify their feelings and actions and receive feedback from the
group leader and group members as well.
It provides a source of support from others in the client's attempts to improve themselves
learn to correct communications to become more
It provides a chance to work first hand with the group leader on issues in more depth, than
individual sessions.
It consists of implementing what is learned in individual sessions with others.
It provides an arena in which to interact with others in relations.
It provides a safe environment in which to be vulnerable and express one's feelings.
It provides an opportunity to identify the "gamy" communications we are using and to substitute
effective communication on the spot.
It provides a chance to correct one's actions and communications in the here and now.
Corrections become permanent because they are put into effect in real life.
It allows one to get in touch with the inner part of ourselves which has chosen certain actions and to correct interpersonal transactions at
source of development of them.
It gets at the roots of the problems.
It connects to the very ego states within us that created the transactions.
We stop and start actions and feelings where they develop.
We distinguish which actions and feelings are coming form our parents of the past as
well as ourselves as we were as a child.
For those actions and feelings, we can choose to use our adult ego state.
When we do that , we can say to the world, "I'm OK, you're OK", the positive life choice for healthy relations with others.
We learn both that as persons we are "word" people, and that we can begin to think and act as "OK" people.
Our feelings about ourselves changes as we change ourselves and our actions and words.
We find out that we have the power to be the person we want to be--
and we have the power to be a winner!
Inner-Life Clinical Counsel and Hypnosis
Group course work done at Duke University
Transactional Analysis terminology
Using Parent, Adult, and Child
Choosing the part of our selves we wish to change to accomplish how we come across to relate to other persons.
Choosing which ego state we wish to employ at any given time and learn the appropriate vocabulary associated with that part of ourselves.
Correcting crossed transactions between ourselves and others to enhance effective communication.
Learning how to effect straight behavior with other people.
Avoiding "gamy" transactions which prevent healthy, intimate relationships
from developing.
Learning intimacy and creativity and effective communication.
Parent-Adult-Child Parts of yourself.
parent, adult, childFind your  (natural)  Free Child!
free child
free child
Be a Winner!
Becoming Winners!
Inner-Life Clinical Counsel and Hypnosis
Inner-Life Clinical Counsel and Hypnosis
Training in Transactional Analysis at Southeast Institute
Certificate of Completion of Training
Spiritual Directives
 Minister quoting Bible
Christian Bible counseling
Minister is also is using
Active Listening and Client-centered
                                  Academic training: Pastoral Clinicals
Duke University Hospital
Memorial Hospital
Social Work U.N.C.
Pastoral counseling and Ed Psychology counseling training
and training in a Dr. of Ministry program and Ph.D. In Christian Counseling.
United Methodist Church
Pentecostal Free Will Baptist Church 
Christian Harvest Church
The Monastery
Couples Communications
Miscommunication and anger and blaming.
couple counseling, christian counsel
Extremely conflictual relationship or Divorce Counseling
$100 an hour

Resolving Issues and Communicating
 Couples Counseling varies, usually $90 an hour

Family Dynamics
Academic training at Duke University and U.N.C. graduate programs.
 Supervised training in Clinical Pastoral Education 
Duke Hospital
Memorial Hospital
family counseling
Individual Improvement
individual counseling
Supervised training in Clinical Pastoral Education
at Duke and Memorial Hospitals
Academic training at Duke and U.N.C. graduate schools.
Grief Counseling 
Training in grief counseling as pastor and in CPE at Duke and Memorial Hospitals as Chaplain
Christian Resolutions  
for hurtful relationships
Inner-Life Clinical Counsel and Hypnosis
Training at Duke and U.N.C. graduate schools.
And, experience in supervised C.P.E. at Duke Hospital and U.N.C. Hospital
Christian Prayer
Inner-Life Clinical Counsel and Hypnosis, christian counsel
Inner-Life Clinical Counsel and Hypnosis, christian counsel
Ordained Elder in United Methodist Church
Ordained pastor Pentecostal Free Will Baptist Church,
Christian Harvest Church, and the Monastery
Christian Growth for Couples
Inner-Life Clinical Counsel and Hypnosis, christian counsel
Inner-Life Clinical Counsel and Hypnosis, christian counsel
Marital Harmony
marriage and pre-marital counseling
Supervised training in Clinical Pastoral Education at Duke
Memorial Hospital
Course work in Marriage and Family at Duke University
and U.N.C.
       $1000 flat fee, including premarital sessions, rehearsal, and ceremony
                                                                     and   attendance at reception if desired

Through all these kinds of Christian assistance you are :
Following your footprints
back to health--
Inner-Life Clinical Counsel and Hypnosis, christian counsel
Be healed!