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Christian Counseling
. Inner-Life Christian Consultation and Hypnosis
Durham, N. C.

I am an ordained minister who graduated from Duke Divinity School and Duke University School of Eduction. I have an
M.ED, from the school of Education, in Educational Psychology, and and Master of.Divinity. from Duke Divinity School, doing work in Pastoral Psychology with the following degrees:
Rev. Linda H. Clark, Master of Divinity
Rev. Linda H. Clark, M. Ed., Master of Education
Rev. Dr. Linda H. Clark, Dr. of Ministry,
Rev  Dr. Linda H. Clark, Dr. Pastoral Counseling
Ph.D. Christian Counseling
Th.D. Theology

I am familiar with many denominations and religious traditions. I have been a pastor and chaplain, counselor, crisis worker, teacher and, mother and wife. I have lived what I teach others to learn to do, in solving problems and using spiritual resources.
I specialize in a process called Inner-Healing, in which persons are guided through hurtful experiences
--which they remember and present to me--
And, these experiences become changed when revisited, by the intervention of the image of Christ's presence.
These experiences usually don't have the adverse effects upon a person again, after reviewing them with visualizing the presence of Christ.
The negative feelings associated with the events are erased and the negative effects that those events created, become healed.
Christ can be brought into circumstances to guide and to heal any troubling situation by imaging His presence in the situation, and through prayer.
However, you do not have to be a Christian----        to avail yourself of my services.

Although I specialize in Christian counseling, I can use other techniques to help you, as well, in counseling and consulting.

Hypnosis helps almost anything. It cannot cure physiological diseases but can improve your healing from and your coping with them.
There is a proven strong mind/body relationship.
Habits and negative behaviors can be permanently changed
through hypnosis, relatively quickly.
Unlike traditional psychotherapy which can take years to make changes, changes can be produced in attitudes and behaviors quickly through hypnosis.
Changing perceptions changes behavior.

Located in Southwest Durham, in vicinity of Southpoint Maul.
Mon - Fri: by appointment
Free public worship Sunday PM   6:30 to 7:30 PM with socializing at the end.  
A home church is in intimate, inviting atmosphere to grow through worship and sharing your faith.
Groups will be available on an ongoing basis---sign up now
Call 919 544 2520 or 919 699 5856 for appointment.

You may call evenings, to make appointment or inquire up
until 8:30 PM. 7 to 8:30 is a good time to call. 
If an emergency arises, I can give you an emergency appointment.
If I am not available, leave your name, phone number and reason for appointment. I will return your call promptly.

If my voice mail is full, leave you name and number on the
page on this site, or call again, in the evenings 7 to 9 PM
Or you may contact me on Psychology Today site.

My phone is always off during sessions with clients. So
you cannot leave voicemail at those times.

You may also leave your name on this site.

Sat: emergency only
Sun: Closed for business, but open for Worship.